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Source Water Assessment Program (SWAP)
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The Source Water Assessment Program (SWAP) is administered by the Bureau of Safe Drinking Water, Division of Water Supply within the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection. For questions or comments pertaining to SWAP please click on "Contact SWAP" above.
The purpose of the Source Water Assessment Program is to provide for the protection and benefit of public water systems and to increase public awareness and involvement in protecting the sources of public drinking water.
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Under the Federal Safe Drinking Water Act, all states were required to establish a Source Water Assessment Program (SWAP). New Jersey's SWAP Plan incorporates the following four fundamental steps:

  1. Determine the source water assessment area of each ground and surface water source of public drinking water.
  2. Inventory the potential contamination sources within the source water assessment area.
  3. Determine the public water system source's susceptibility to regulated contaminants.
  4. Incorporate public education and participation.

In 2004, source water assessment reports were completed for all Community and Noncommunity Water Systems in New Jersey. The source water assessment reports and supporting documentation are available here.

It is important to note, if a drinking water source’s susceptibility is high, it does not necessarily mean the drinking water is contaminated. The rating reflects the potential for contamination of source water, not the existence of contamination.

Under the Federal and New Jersey Safe Drinking Water Regulations, all public water systems must routinely monitor for a number of contaminant categories including pathogens, nutrients, volatile organic compounds, synthetic organic compounds, pesticides, inorganics, radionuclides, and disinfection byproducts. Information about a water system’s water quality is available through the Division of Water Supply and Geoscience’s Drinking Water Watch or in the water system’s annual Consumer Confidence Report.

The information gained from source water assessments encourages protection of water sources, provide information for watershed assessment and planning, and improve land use planning.

Additional SWAP information may be found at:

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