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NJ HAB Response Strategy Document

  Bureau of Freshwater & Biological Monitoring

Analysis Capabilities: Field & Laboratory
BFBM has various CyanoHAB monitoring and analysis capabilities, which are listed below. These capabilities allow NJDEP to confirm the presence of cyanobacteria and concentrations of toxins to provide accurate guidance on providing recreational action levels and health advisory guidance levels for analytical results.

Example of Test Strip Results
Photo Credit: NJDEP
Field Screening
  • Visual Assessment
  • Field Fluorometer for measuring Phycocyanin pigment (unique to cyanobacteria)
  • Algal Toxin Strip Test (Microcystins present > 10 g/l)

Cyanotoxin Analytical Capability
  • Microcystins (approx. 65 variants)
    • Method ELISA
  • Cylindrospermopsin
    • Method - ELISA
    • Detection level = 0.050 g/l
  • Anatoxin-a
    • Method ELISA
    • Detection level = 0.10 g/l

Cyanotoxin Analysis
Photo Credit: NJDEP

Other BFBM Laboratory Capability
  • Cyanobacteria taxa identification
  • Cyanobacterial cell counts
  • Chlorophyll a analysis

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