Authorities, Regulations and Guidance

This page includes links to DRBC authorities, regulations, and guidance. For more information on DRBC programs (Water Supply and Conservation, Project Review/Permitting, etc...), please click on the 'Programs' tab at the top of this page.

Delaware River Basin Compact (pdf 341 KB; creates the DRBC)

Rules of Practice and Procedure:

Delaware River Basin Water Code (pdf 1.3 MB)

Basin Regulations

Southeastern Pennsylvania Ground Water Protected Area:

Consumptive Use Replacement Policy for Power Generators:

Comprehensive Plan - 2001 (pdf 1.5 MB; adopted July 2001)

Comprehensive Plan - 1962 (pdf 1.5 MB; adopted March 1962) and its Addendum (pdf 11 MB; adopted July 1962)

Administrative Agreements (Administrative Agreements are between the DRBC and the four basin states)

DRBC Annual Monitoring and Coordination Fee Information

Penalty Matrix (pdf 60 KB; approved via DRBC Resolution 2009-13)

Recently Approved Rule(s)

Proposed Rulemaking(s)

Pending Rulemaking(s) (Closed for Comment)