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Message from DRBC's New Executive Director

August 1, 2014

For over 50 years, the Delaware River Basin Commission has served as a leader in regional water resource management. The DRBC continues to combine comprehensive planning, good science, and sound regulations to meet the objectives outlined in the 1961 Delaware River Basin Compact. I am honored to be given the opportunity to work with the Commissioners, DRBC staff, stakeholders, the regulated community, and the millions of residents and businesses that rely upon the basin’s magnificent water resources to continue the important mission of the DRBC as its fourth executive director.

It has been several months since my appointment was announced. During this period, the Commissioners, Acting Executive Director Rich Gore, and DRBC staff have effectively managed a full agenda to continue the good work of the Commission. Since assuming the acting executive director duties, Rich Gore has displayed the highest level of professional leadership and management. On behalf of the Commissioners and staff, I would like to thank Rich for his outstanding service to the DRBC and the basin, and for his continued dedication as our chief administrative officer.

The Delaware Basin covers 13,539 square miles in four states and the Delaware River stretches 330 miles from its headwaters in New York State to its confluence with the Atlantic Ocean. I recognize that the interests throughout the basin are as diverse as the watershed itself, and the challenges are many. At the same time, I know that the Delaware River Basin Compact has provided the solid foundation that has enabled the Commission and its partners to make the many significant improvements to the “health and wellness” of the basin’s water resources that have been accomplished since 1961. However, important work still remains.

As I begin my tenure as executive director, I will commit to:

• Listening and learning - I am in the process of meeting with the Commissioners and the signatory parties they represent, DRBC staff, and various basin stakeholders. The objectives of these meetings are to get input and feedback about the DRBC as well as to better understand stakeholder interests and priorities, which will help me to administer the Compact-mandated and Commissioner-directed programs in the years ahead.

• Building and anchoring upon the Delaware River Basin Compact foundation - The progress made since the Compact was enacted in 1961 has been exceptional. I will continue to ensure that the Compact serves to anchor our plans, policies, regulations, direction, and partnership alignment.

The Delaware River Basin is a unique and special resource. I thank everyone who has played a role in implementing the tenets of the Compact over the past 53 years and I look forward to leading DRBC’s talented staff as, together, we tackle the challenges that lie ahead. While your input is always welcomed, your support of the basin and the DRBC is also requested to ensure that we successfully meet the mandate of the 1961 Compact as stated in its preamble:

“Whereas the conservation, utilization, development, management, and control of the water and related resources of the Delaware River Basin under a comprehensive multipurpose plan [administered by a basin-wide agency] will bring the greatest benefits and produce the most efficient service in the public welfare…”


Steve Tambini
Executive Director