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Map of county & municipal boundaries in the Delaware River Basin. Graphic by DRBC. 
Map of county & municipal boundaries in the
Delaware River Basin

The Delaware River Basin Commission was formed in 1961 by compact among the four basin states (New York, Delaware, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey) and the federal government. 

The DRBC was created so the river system could be managed collectively by the five members, without regard to political boundaries.

When the DRBC was created, some 43 state agencies, 14 interstate agencies, and 19 federal agencies exercised a multiplicity of splintered powers and duties within the watershed, which stretches 330 miles from the Delaware River's headwaters near Hancock, N.Y., to the mouth of the Delaware Bay.

In addition to parts of four states, the basin also includes all or portions of 42 counties, 868 municipalities and multiple government entities and jurisdictions.


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