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General Flood Info

It is of no coincidence that throughout history, civilizations have centered around waterways. Early in our existence, humans recognized the advantages of living in close proximity to streams, rivers, and oceans.

From the time of the ancient Egyptians, farmers have utilized the fertile soils found along rivers for better harvests. As industry evolved, it too realized the opportunities presented by waterways and benefited from the commerce, transportation, and energy they provided.

However, for all these advantages, there was a price to be paid. For as long as humans have thrived along waterways, we have had to pay dearly with both life and property. In fact, floods result in the loss of more lives and property than any other natural hazards combined.

Despite the potential hazards attached to living and traveling near waterways, humans do not have to continue to be helpless victims of flooding. There are a number of ways of reducing flood risk through responsible flood plain management and minimizing the impacts of flood damage through mitigation.

Educating ourselves about why floods occur and how to protect ourselves before, during, and after a flood is our best defense against unnecessary loss of life and property.

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