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Most Recent Commission Meeting Highlights
Meeting of December 11, 2019

The Delaware River Basin Commission held its regularly scheduled business meeting on Wednesday, December 11, 2019, at the Washington Crossing Historic Park Visitor Center, 1112 River Road, Washington Crossing, Pa.

Below is the business meeting agenda. Items will be added as they become available.

A public hearing was held earlier on Wednesday, November 13, 2019, at the Washington Crossing Historic Park Visitor Center, 1112 River Road, Washington Crossing, Pa. Items heard at the public hearing, which began at 1:30 p.m., included one resolution and thirty draft dockets for withdrawals, discharges, and other water-related projects subject to the commission's review.

Written comments on all matters heard on November 13 were accepted through 5:00 p.m. on November 18.


The business meeting on December 11, 2019, began at 10:30 a.m. and adjourned at approximately 11:20 a.m.; there was an open public comment session after the close of the business meeting, which ran from 11:30 a.m. until approximately 12:30 p.m.

The agenda for the business meeting follows, with links to the items approved (links to documents are added to this page as they become available). Items heard at the November 13, 2019, public hearing are noted by *. 

1. Welcome and Introductions. (K. Kosinski)

2. Minutes. (P. Bush; The minutes of the September 11, 2019, business meeting were approved by unanimous vote; pdf 278 KB)

3. Announcements.

4. Hydrologic Conditions Report. (A. Shallcross; pdf 6.1 MB)

5. Executive Director’s Report. (S. Tambini)

  • DRBC released its 2019 State of the Basin Report in July and its 2018 Annual Report (pdf 11 MB) in October.
  • DRBC staff have increased monitoring starting in 2018 to support the commission's Designated Use Study. The DRBC thanks its Water Quality Advisory Committee and the Eutrophication Model Expert Panel for their expertise, input, and support for this study.
  • DRBC recently received two matching grants from the Delaware Watershed Conservation Fund: one to characterize algal composition and DO in the Delaware Estuary (see also resolution below) and one to create a web-based habitat model for the upper Delaware River.
  • Advisory Committee Openings. Several advisory committees have openings for non-reserved members.
  • DRBC Administrative Assistant Paula Schmitt is retiring at the end of the year after 16 years with the DRBC. We thank you for all your great work and wish you only the best! We will miss working with you! 
  • We thank PA DCNR and the staff at Washington Crossing Historic Park for hosting our meetings this year. Be sure to check out the reenactment on Christmas Day!

6. General Counsel’s Report. (K. Warren)

7. *A Resolution Establishing the Advisory Committee on Climate Change and Providing for Its Purpose, Membership and Initial Charge. (K. B. Kavanagh; approved unanimously by the commissioners; pdf 119 KB)

8. A Resolution for the Minutes Authorizing the Executive Director or His Designee to Issue a Task Order to the Academy of Natural Sciences of Drexel University to Provide Analytical Services for Characterization of Algal Composition in the Delaware Estuary. (N. Suk; approved unanimously by the commissioners; pdf 93 KB)

9. A Resolution for the Minutes Authorizing the Executive Director or His Designee to Issue a Task Order to the Academy of Natural Sciences of Drexel University to Provide Technical Services for the Modernization of Decision Support System (“DSS”) Tools for the Upper Delaware. (This resolution was deferred)

10. A Resolution for the Minutes Authorizing the Executive Director to Execute an Agreement for the Preparation of an Actuarial Evaluation of the Commission’s “Other Post-Employment Benefit” (“OPEB”) Obligations, in Accordance with Government Accounting Standards Board Statement No. 75. (E. Deck; approved unanimously by the commissioners; pdf 68 KB)

11. *Project Review Docket Applications. (D. Kovach) Dockets #1-30 were subject to public hearings on November 13, 2019. Dockets #1-8 and #10-30 were approved unanimously by the commissioners on December 11, 2019. Docket #9 was postponed to allow additional time for review. All approved dockets are all pdfs. Please note that at each of its public meetings, the commission may consider action on any item for which a hearing has been completed or may defer one or more such items for consideration at a public meeting of the commission on a future date.

View docket location map for draft dockets heard on November 13, 2019

  1. Freeland Borough Municipal Authority (PA), Wastewater Treatment Plant, D-1965-052 CP‑5.

  2. Chemtrade Solutions LLC (DE), Wastewater Treatment Plant, D-1969-038-4.

  3. Knoll, Inc. (PA), Industrial Wastewater Treatment Plant, D-1974-162-5.

  4. Philadelphia Gas Works (PA), Richmond Facility Non-Contact Cooling Water Discharge, D-1976-055 CP-4.

  5. Reading City (PA), Wastewater Treatment Plant, D-1986-028 CP-4.

  6. Dublin Borough (PA), Wastewater Treatment Plant, D-1986-070 CP-3.

  7. Antietam Valley Municipal Authority (PA), Wastewater Treatment Plant, D-1987-045 CP‑6.

  8. Manwalamink Sewer Company (PA), Wastewater Treatment Plant, D-1988-034 CP-3.

  9. Grand Central Sanitary Landfill, Inc. (PA), Leachate Treatment Plant, D-1988-052-5. (This docket was postponed to allow additional time for review.)

  10. Chambers Cogeneration, LP (NJ), Electric Cogeneration Facility, D-1991-019-2.

  11. Hobart Village (NY), Wastewater Treatment Plant, D-1991-063 CP-4.

  12. Honey Brook Borough Authority (PA), Groundwater Withdrawal, D-1991-099 CP-3.

  13. Valley Forge Sewer Authority (PA), Wastewater Treatment Plant, D-1995-006 CP-5.

  14. Clemens Food Group, LLC (PA), Groundwater Withdrawal, D-1999-072-3.

  15. Yukiguni Maitake Manufacturing Corporation of America (NY), Groundwater Withdrawal, D-2003-026-2.

  16. Warminster Municipal Authority (PA), Warminster - NAWC Wastewater Treatment Plant, D-2004-021 CP-3.

  17. Ruscombmanor Township (PA), Golden Oaks Wastewater Treatment Plant, D-2007-034 CP-4.

  18. Marcus Hook Energy, LP (PA), Cooling Tower Blowdown Discharge, D-2008-021 CP‑3.

  19. CMBK Resort Holdings, LLC (PA) Groundwater Withdrawal, D-2008-026-2.

  20. Naval Surface Warfare Center Philadelphia Division (NSWCPD) (PA), Non-Contact Cooling Water Discharge, D-2009-004 CP-3.

  21. Chester Valley Golf Club (PA), Groundwater and Surface Water Withdrawal, D-2009-035‑2.

  22. Springdale Estates, LP (PA), Springdale Gardens Wastewater Treatment Plant, D-2009-044‑3.

  23. Green Top Management, LLC (PA), Green Top Mobile Home Park Wastewater Treatment Plant, D-2010-002-4.

  24. NIS Hollow Estates, LLC (PA), Wastewater Treatment Plant, D-2010-003-3.

  25. Pennsylvania American Water Company (PA), Stony Garden Water Treatment Plant Filter Backwash Discharge, D-2010-025 CP-3.

  26. HMS Host Corporation (PA), Peter J. Camiel Service Plaza Wastewater Treatment Plant, D‑2013-018-2.

  27. Markel Corporation (PA), Contact and Non-Contact Cooling Water Discharge, D-2014-013‑2.

  28. City of Philadelphia (PA), Northeast Wastewater Treatment Plant Upgrade, D-1970-052 CP‑2.

  29. Upper Montgomery Joint Authority (PA), Wastewater Treatment Plant, D-1987-028 CP‑3.

  30. Monroe Career and Technical Institute (MCTI) (PA), Wastewater Treatment Plant, D‑2019-002 CP-1.