Project Review: Applications & Info for Docket Holders

DRBC offers an electronic application process to streamline the completion and submittal of application documents for users who need to complete a Ground and/or Surface Water Withdrawal Application.

DRBC's Project Review and IT staff will assist you if you require assistance with the electronic application process. 

Steps for Completing DRBC's Electronic Application Process:

1. Visit and click on the "New User" link to request an account.

2. DRBC staff will review the information submitted, verify as necessary, and issue log-in credentials, giving you an account within the Project Review Application portion of the DRBC's web site.

3. Once you have an account, visit the web page noted in 1 and log-in as an "Existing User."

4. After you have logged in, select the Ground or Surface Water Withdrawal Project Application link under Project Review Forms to take you to the application form that is comprised of four tabs.

5. Each tab has a save button towards the bottom of the page. Using the save button will allow you to work on the form in stages if necessary. After clicking save, you can log-out and know that you can return at a later date to compete the form from where you left off. Information is not reviewed by DRBC until you complete the application process and click submit (step 8 below).

6. In the first tab, Begin Application, you will fill out basic information about the project. You will also need to download the two documents located towards the bottom of the tab: Withdrawal Application and Application Fee Form. These are interactive versions of DRBC's standard application forms and they should be saved to your computer and completed electronically. The Withdrawal Application form has a "Validate" button on the final page and the user should click this in order to validate data entry. This process checks for typical errors, and it will highlight, in yellow, any issues it discovers. You should review any highlighted areas and make corrections as necessary. This process is designed to minimize data entry errors and ensure accurate completion of the application documents.

7. Within the Withdrawal Application document there are several sections that require supplemental information, such as plans and reports. These items should be created electronically and uploaded as pdfs via the second and third online tabs (Suppl. Info Section D and Suppl. Info Section F). The fourth tab on the online form is the Final Checklist which will indicate the supplemental information that has been uploaded with the application. At the bottom of this tab you will upload the completed Application Fee Form (Word document) and the completed Withdrawal Application (Word document).

8. Once these steps have been taken, the applicant will be able to click the Continue to Submit button. Once this button is pressed the applicant will be taken to a new page and will have to check the confirmation box followed by the Submit button, in order to complete the application process.

9. Once the Submit button has been pressed you will receive an email notification that your application has been submitted to DRBC. This email will also contain an Application ID for tracking purposes.

10. After submission of the application you will no longer be able to edit the information you have provided. If you need to follow up, you should contact a member of the Project Review staff.

11. Payment of the Application Fee is required by a check payable to Delaware River Basin Commission. Please follow the submittal instructions found on the Application Fee Form.