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At its Dec. 9, 2015 public business meeting, the DRBC unanimously approved an amendment to its Rules of Practice and Procedure (RPP; pdf 864 KB) to provide for a One Process/One Permit Program. The final rule was published in the February 3, 2016 Federal Register, with an effective date of March 4, 2016.

The One Process/One Permit Program is intended to promote close collaboration and enhance administrative efficiencies between DRBC and the four basin states (Delaware, New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania) while ensuring that equal or better environmental outcomes are obtained. For projects subject to regulatory review by both the DRBC and a basin state, the program allows for the issuance of a single approval instrument incorporating the applicable requirements of the two authorities. The program does not alter the regulatory standards of the DRBC or any state agency, and the respective authorities of each agency will be expressly preserved.

Participation in the One Process/One Permit Program by signatory party agencies is voluntary. The scope of a signatory party agency's participation will be defined by an administrative agreement (AA) between DRBC and the agency after the agreement undergoes a duly noticed public hearing. Currently, only the states of New Jersey and New York are part of the program. 

It is expected that the states will be the lead agencies and issue permits under the One Process/One Permit Program for wastewater discharges under National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) water quality programs. For water withdrawals, the lead agency could either be the state or the DRBC, depending upon current state programs and the terms of an administrative agreement between DRBC and the appropriate state agency.

For projects that are processed by DRBC’s member state agencies through One Process/One Permit, unless such project must be added by the commission to the Comprehensive Plan, the DRBC project review fees that had previously been in effect will be eliminated. DRBC’s costs associated with reviews will now be supported by an annual monitoring and coordination fee. Additional information can be found in the RPP linked above.

Signatory party agencies will notify DRBC at least monthly of applications received under the One Process/One Permit Program to enable the commission to maintain on its web site a list of all projects being administered pursuant to the program. 

DRBC staff will continue to provide the current level of technical review under applicable DRBC standards where they have special expertise. DRBC staff also will continue to identify conditions of approval to ensure that projects subject to review under the compact and implementing regulations do not impair or conflict with the commission's comprehensive plan.