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Water Supply/Planning

Understanding water withdrawals, water use and supply is integral to the DRBC's management of water resources.

In order to meet the needs of present and future populations and ensure that ecosystems are protected:

  • Water resources must be properly managed, efficiently utilized and responsibly conserved

  • Water efficiency should be practiced at all times

  • Reducing water use not only provides significant economic and environmental benefits, but can help avoid or delay the imposition of drought declarations.

The DRBC employs a comprehensive water conservation program, which has become an integral component of its broader strategy to manage water supplies & plan for future water needs throughout the Basin. 

Key Components of DRBC's water supply planning and water conservation programs:

  • Basin Water Use - Staff perform key sector trend analyses (e.g., public water supply, power generation, industry) to ensure that there is enough water to meet current and future demand, as well as during extreme conditions (for example, drought). Projections are also made based on historical withdrawal data.
  • Water Conservation Program - Over the years, the DRBC has passed numerous resolutions focused on water efficiency.

  • Water Audit Program - Reflecting the latest thinking in the field of water conservation, DRBC requires water purveyors to identify and control water loss in their systems.

  • Water Charging Program - DRBC charges certain entities for the amount of water they use to help support water supply storage in the Basin.

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