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Principal and VP/AP Evaluation: Overview

Executive Order 214 (January 11, 2021) removed Student Growth Objectives (SGOs) from counting towards the summative score of any educator. The completion of SGOs remains in effect and be used to inform instructional decisions and educator practice.

Administrator goals will still count in determining the effectiveness of Principals, Assistant Principals (AP) or Vice Principals (VP). However, the student achievement data culled from these goals will not be used. Instead, these goals must measure processes.

Executive Order 175 (August 13, 2020) waived the mSGP portion of summative ratings for qualifying teachers, Principals, APs and VPs due to the lack of a state test from SY 19-20. Therefore, information on this page regarding mSGP and summative ratings does not apply for the 2020-21 school year.

SGP is a measure of how much a student improves his or her state test performance from one year to the next compared to students across the state with a similar score history.

Principal evaluation consists of two primary components:

  • Principal Practice (measured using approved practice instruments) and
  • Student Achievement (measured using teacher Student Growth Objectives, Administrator Goals, and for qualifying leaders, a median Student Growth Percentile).

Components of Principal Evaluation