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Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) in New Jersey

NJDOE ESSA Technical Assistance

Public Access to EWEG: How to View a School District's ESSA Application


These instructions demonstrate to the public how they can view a school district's ESSA application.  This application includes the amount of funds a school district receives under ESSA, including Title I-A, Title II-A, Title III, Title III-Immigrant, and soon to be Title IV.  This application also includes a description of the school district's identified needs and the programs, activities, and strategies the school district will fund to address those needs.

Navigating EWEG

EWEG is the application system that the state uses to process district applications for ESSA funds.  District applications for funds under ESSA are accessible to the public.

Step by Step Navigation
  1. Go to the state department of education's homepage.
  2. In the DOE A to Z menu, select "H." 
  3. screenshot of NJDOE home page with arrow pointing to the 'H' link in the DOE A to Z menu.

  4. On the "DOE A to Z" page, select the "Homeroom (data collections)" link.
  5. Screenshot of 'H' links with arrow pointing to 'Homeroom Data Collections' link.

  6. On the NJDOE Homeroom page, select the "EWEG" link.
  7. Screenshot of NJDOE Homeroom page with arrow pointing to EWEG link.

  8. Select the "Public Access" link, found under the log-on box. 
  9. Screenshot of EWEG home page with arrow pointing to 'Public Access' link

  10. Select the "GMS Access / Select" link.
  11. Screenshot of EWEG access page with 'GMS Access / Select' link circled.

  12. In the "search by" section, select the option for "district name."
  13. Screenshot of 'District Select' page with 'district name' radio button circled.

  14. In the "starts with" box, type in the name of the district you are searching for and select the "search" button.
  15. Screenshot of 'District Select' screen with an arrow pointing to the 'starts with' search box and the 'search' button circled.

  16. A list of districts may appear in the search results. Choose the one you are searching for and click "select."
  17. Screenshot of 'District Search' results with arrow pointing to 'select' radio buttons.

  18. In the area labeled "select fiscal year," use the drop down menu to select the appropriate year.
  19. Screenshot of 'GMS Access Select' page with 'select fiscal year' drop down menu circled.

  20. Select the "open" button in the NCLB application row.
  21. Screenshot with 'open button' in NCLB row circled.

  22. In the "Application Sections" drop down menu, select the title you would like to explore. You can search any title for which the district receives allocations.
  23. Screenshot with arrow pointing to 'Application Sections' drop down menu

  24. The information for the selected title is displayed in the browser.