New Jersey Department of Education

Linda P. Eno

Assistant Commissioner - Academics and Performance

Dr. Linda P. Eno is the Assistant Commissioner for the Division of Academics and Performance for the New Jersey Department of Education. Dr. Eno’s division leads the implementation of New Jersey's Student Learning Standards with the ultimate goal of providing a path for students to achieve post-secondary success after graduating from high school.

This division encompasses academics and performance (4th-12th grades), career readiness and partnerships, instructional innovation and support for educators and students in academic and digital learning, the offices of Certification, Recruitment, Preparation, and Recognition, Evaluation and Professional learning which includes education evaluation.

In her role, Dr. Eno leads the development of a mission, vision, and core values consistent with those of Governor Phil Murphy and Commissioner Lamont O. Repollet. Key projects in her division include overseeing apprenticeship programs, boosting Career and Technical Education, revising and readopting student learning standards, revising graduation assessment requirements, and developing the next generation of state assessments.

Dr. Eno previously served as Acting Deputy Chief of the Division of Teaching, Leading and Learning, Acting Director County Administrative Unit, and Implementation Manager within the NJDOE. Prior to joining the Department, Dr. Eno was principal at one of the nation’s top-ranked high schools in the Monmouth County Vocational School District: the Biotechnology High School.

Dr. Eno graduated from Seton Hall University with a Doctorate in Education. She has also earned an MBA from Monmouth University and a Bachelor of Science in Nursing from Thomas Edison State University. Dr. Eno lives with her husband in Monmouth County, and has two adult children.



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