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New Jersey Student Learning Standards

Visual and Performing Arts

New Jersey Core Curriculum Content Standards
Visual and Performing Arts (Revised 2004)

To view the K-12 Standards Matrix, go to the Visual and Performing Arts Standards page and scroll down to see the matrix. The indicators obtained after clicking the strand in the matrix may also link to "framework" activities. Once on the framework page, you will need to scroll down again, and then click on the name of the framework activity to see it. NOTE that other CPIs may be indicated: these are cross-curricular.


Creation and Performance

Elements and Principles of the Arts


World Cultures, History, and Society

K-8 Strands and their Cumulative Progress Indicators [word documents]
Complete Standards document in Word. NJDOE VPA Web site. Cumulative Progress Indicators by strand and grade level (in Word). NOTE: the chart begins on page 3 of the document.