New Jersey Department of Education

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New Jersey Student Learning Standards

Comprehensive Health and Physical Education

Statutes and Regulations

  • N.J.A.C.6A:8 - Standards and Assessment for Student Achievement

  • Health, Safety, and Physical Education Mandate

    18A:35-7.  Course required
    Every pupil, except kindergarten pupils, attending the public schools, insofar as he is physically fit and capable of doing so, as determined by the medical inspector, shall take such courses, which shall be a part of the curriculum prescribed for the several grades, and the conduct and attainment of  the pupils shall be marked as in other courses or subjects, and the standing of  the pupil in connection therewith shall form a part of the requirements for  promotion or graduation.
    18A:35-8.  Time devoted to course
    The time devoted to such courses shall aggregate at least two and one-half hours in each school week, or proportionately less when holidays fall within the week.
    18A:35-9.  Qualifications of teachers;  instruction of college pupils
    The state board shall adopt rules fixing the necessary qualifications of teachers in such courses in the public school system and all students at the state colleges shall be required to receive thorough instruction in such course.