New Jersey Department of Education

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New Jersey Student Learning Standards

Social Studies

Statutes and Regulations

  • N.J.A.C.6A:8 - Standards and Assessment for Student Achievement including
    6A:8-5.1 (a) 1.  iv. At least 15 credits in social studies, including satisfaction of N.J.S.A. 18A:35-1 and 2; five credits in world history; and the integration of civics, economics, geography and global content in all course offerings;
    6A:8-5.1 (a) 1. v. At least 2.5 credits in financial, economic, business, and entrepreneurial literacy, effective with 2010-2011 grade nine class
  • NJSA 18A:6-3 Requires secondary course of study in the United States Constitution
  • NJSA 18A:35-1,2 Requires 2 years of US History in high schools including history of New Jersey and of African-Americans
  • NJSA 18A:35-3 Requires course of study in civics, geography and history of New Jersey
  • NJSA 18A:35-4.1 Requires course of study in principles of humanity
  • NJSA 18A:35-2.1 Requires the State Department of Education to develop curriculum guidelines for the teaching of civics pursuant to NJSA 18A:35-1 and NJSA 18A:35-2
  • NJAC 6:8-7.1 Required minimum course completions for a state-approved graduation
  • NJAC 6:8-4.5 et seq. Requires implementation of the Core Curriculum Content Standards by all school districts.
  • NJSA 18A:4a-1 Establishes the New Jersey Holocaust Commission
  • NJSA 18A:4a-2-4 Requires all schools to have course of study in the Holocaust and other Genocides.
  • NJSA 18A 52:16A-86 Establishes the Amistad Commission to promote the teaching of the history of African Americans as integral part of United States History.
  • NJSA 18A:4-42 Establishes the New Jersey Commission for Italian and Italian-American Heritage.
  • NJSA 52:16A-5.3 Establishes the New Jersey American Indian Commission.
  • Executive Order #123 Establishes the New Jersey Arab-American Heritage Commission.