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This information has been preserved for historical purposes. It is not current.

Excellent Educators for New Jersey

Advisory Committees

The New Jersey Department of Education (NJDOE) seeks to form a true partnership with all pilot districts throughout implementation of the pilot. The state Evaluation Pilot Advisory Committee (EPAC) serves as the guiding body for this collaboration, and District Evaluation Advisory Committees (DEACs) are helping inform the state group.

EPAC was formed in September, 2011 at the beginning of the EE4NJ Cohort 1 Teacher Evaluation pilot, and is being expanded to cover both teacher and principal evaluation pilot work taking place in 2012-13. 

The goal of EPAC is to collaborate with and advise the NJDOE throughout implementation of the EE4NJ teacher and principal evaluation pilots, providing feedback about issues and challenges and issuing recommendations on the development and implementation of a statewide evaluation system based on:

  • Educator Effectiveness Task Force Report
  • Learning from the pilots
  • National research and experience in other states
  • Technical expertise

EPAC is comprised of stakeholders from a wide variety of organizations, representing teachers of various subjects and grade levels; principals, superintendents, and other administrators; school board and State Board members; parents; the higher education community; and others.  NJDOE solicited nominations for EPAC members from major stakeholder groups, and selected a group of members representing a diverse cross-section of the New Jersey education landscape.  Selection of additional members for the expanded pilot work in 2012-13 will follow the same process. The expanded EPAC will be led by a team who will coordinate activities and communications between the group, districts, and the NJDOE.

Each pilot district convenes its own District Evaluation Pilot Advisory Committee (DEPAC) to discuss challenges and opportunities and provide feedback about program development and implementation. The DEPAC communicates information about the pilot to stakeholders, ensuring transparency of the system and supporting the district in implementing the evaluation framework.

DEACs are comprised of individuals representing important stakeholders in the evaluation system and school community.
For teacher evaluation pilot districts, DEAC members include: school board representative; elementary, middle, and high school teachers (as applicable given pilot participation); principal; superintendent; central office representative; administrator conducting evaluations; data coordinator; parent; and others as determined by the district.

For principal evaluation pilot districts, DEAC members must include representation from the following groups: building-level administrators from each school level (e.g., elementary, middle, high school); central office administrators supporting the principal evaluation process and/or conducting evaluations; teaching staff; and the local school board. In addition, the DEAC must include the district superintendent and a parent representative. At the discretion of the chief school administrator, membership to serve on the district advisory committee may be extended to representatives of other groups.

Each DEAC also appoints members to serve on the state EPAC and attend monthly meetings at the NJDOE. DEAC Communications Coordinators participate in regular conference calls with the NJDOE as well. This ensures that district-level concerns are raised with the state group, and that districts will receive information shared at the state-level meetings.

Initially, principal evaluation pilot districts will form a DEAC to oversee implementation of their proposed principal evaluation system. As they begin to build capacity for an improved teacher evaluation system according to state guidelines, they will add stakeholders to this committee so that it will oversee and align the district’s work on both systems. If a pilot district is participating in both the teacher and principal evaluation pilots, it will expand its teacher evaluation advisory committee to take on principal evaluation pilot work as well.

2011-12 Evaluation Pilot Advisory Committee (EPAC)

EPAC Members:

Ms. Marie Bilik
Executive Director, New Jersey School Boards Association

Mr. Carl Blanchard
National Board Certified Teacher
Biology Teacher, Franklin High School

Ms. Jeanne Delcolle
Burlington County Teacher of the Year
History Teacher, Burlington County Institute of Technology

Ms. Patricia Donaghue
Parent, Toms River, NJ

Ms. Carole Everett
Executive Director, New Jersey Association of Independent Schools

Dr. Dorothy Feola
Past President, New Jersey Association of Colleges for Teacher Education; Associate Dean, College of Education, William Paterson University

Ms. Darleen Gearhart
Director, School Improvement Grants, Newark Public Schools

Mr. Timothy Matheney
Principal, South Brunswick High School

Ms. Eileen Matus
Retired Principal, Toms River Regional School District

Ms. Elizabeth Morgan
National Board Certified Teacher
English Language Arts Teacher, Ann A. Mullen Middle School

Dr. Brian Osborne
Superintendent, South Orange-Maplewood Schools

Mr. Richard Panicucci
Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum – Vo-Tech, Bergen County Technical Schools/Special Services

Ms. Meredith Pennotti
Principal, Red Bank Charter School

Ms. Judith Rattner
Superintendent, Berkeley Heights Public Schools

Dr. Vivian Rodriguez
Assistant Superintendent, Perth Amboy School District

Dr. Sharon Sherman
Dean, School of Education, Rider University

Ms. Peggy Stewart
Chair, Professional Teaching Standards Board
History Teacher, Center for Teaching and Learning

Ms. Belinda Stokes
Principal, Henry Snyder High School

Dr. Dorothy Strickland
New Jersey State Board of Education
Samuel DeWitt Proctor Professor of Education, State of New Jersey Professor of Reading, Emerita, Rutgers University

Mr. Bruce Taterka
U.S. Teaching Ambassador Fellow
Lead Teacher of Science and Technology, West Morris Mendham High School

Ms. Patricia Wright
Executive Director, NJ Principals and Supervisors Association