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Excellent Educators for New Jersey


Why a new evaluation system?

Because our students deserve the best, and our educators want to give their best.

Recent research showed that despite the United States’ slipping in rankings on international tests (2009 PISA results place the U.S. 17th, 31st, and 23rd in reading, math, and science, respectively), virtually all teachers are rated satisfactory, and most educator evaluation systems fail to incorporate measures of student learning.

Nationally, an abundance of research cites teacher effectiveness as the most important in-school factor for improving student achievement. The New Teacher Project’s 2009 report The Widget Effect exposes the failure of schools to distinguish among and recognize the effectiveness of their teachers.

Effective educators are the most important in-school factor for student success. Teachers need timely, actionable feedback to improve their practice -- and students deserve high-quality teachers who continuously grow and improve. Currently, New Jersey lacks a robust statewide evaluation system that adequately measures effectiveness and distinguishes between educators who are excelling and those who are struggling and need support.

By implementing robust and meaningful teacher and principal evaluations, we aim to improve teacher quality and thus student outcomes. A meaningful evaluation system is critical for helping New Jersey educators improve education for all New Jersey students.