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This information has been preserved for historical purposes. It is not current.

Collaborative Assessment for Planning and Achievement

Who are the members of a CAPA Team?

Members of a CAPA team are skillful, experienced individuals who provide Title I schools in need of improvement with practical, applicable and helpful assistance. A team’s composition varies depending upon the needs of the student population and school environment. Members on a CAPA team include the following: a team leader; principal; language arts literacy specialist; mathematics specialist; special education; bilingual specialist; and a representative from an institution of higher education.

Teams are composed of DOE staff, professionals external to the district and internal district educators from high-performing schools or the central office. Specialists in special education and English Language Learners (ELL) are added as needed. Internal district team members participate in all aspects of the review, except interviews with school personnel. Internal district members may interview parents and students.

What are the responsibilities of a CAPA team member?

The team conducts interviews, performs classroom visitations, and gathers and analyzes data. This field research identifies barriers to student learning and creates a report with recommendations to help close the achievement gap.
Those interested in joining this innovative initiative to improve student achievement are required to do the following:

      • Attend CAPA training,
      • Participate in an on-site review (requires a four day commitment); and
      • Complete a CAPA report based on guidelines established by DOE.