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Implementing New Curricular Learning with
Universally Designed Experiences

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Include LogoThe Implementing New Curricular Learning with Universally Designed Experiences (INCLUDE) Phase I project was derived from the department’s vision that all students will achieve New Jersey’s Core Curriculum Content Standards. The New Jersey Department of Education (NJDOE) is committed to providing assistance to school districts to ensure every student achieves academic success. The INCLUDE project is designed to improve academic achievement in mathematics by effectively using educational technology.

The INCLUDE grant four-phase project (2007-2011) focuses on the creation or expansion of an inclusive classroom to ensure all students in the general education classroom including those with mild to moderate disabilities, struggling students and English language learners are provided with the necessary accommodations in the general mathematics classroom that will support their achievement of the Core Curriculum Content Standards.  The grantees will learn the Universal Design for Learning (UDL) framework.  NOTE:  Numerous resources for developing the application and for understanding inclusion can be found under the Resources link noted below.