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Math Achievement To Realize Individual eXcellence

MATRIX logo - which is comprised of six alternating colored blocks with each block having one letter of the word MATRIX on it


The Math Achievement To Realize Individual eXcellence (MATRIX) grant program is designed to increase student achievement in mathematics in grades six through eight by providing classroom teachers ongoing professional development and in-class support that focuses on integrating technology into the curriculum and instruction.


This is a three-year grant program. The program is designed to have a minimum of two (2) sixth-grade teachers, two (2) seventh-grade teachers, and two (2) eighth-grade teachers learn strategies to infuse technology into the curriculum. Grade seven teachers must be a part of the first year of grant activities. The school district will choose either grade six or grade eight teachers to be involved with the grade seven teachers in year one of this grant program. Grade seven and one other grade level will be given intense follow-up and in-class support in year one of this grant program. These teachers will be supported on and assisted with implementing a mathematics program that is based on relevant research proving success where students use technology as a tool during their regular instructional time.

Beginning in year two, the remaining grade level teachers (grade six or eight as chosen by the school district) will each take advantage of the sustained, ongoing professional development and in-class support.

Year three of the grant program will require the lead agent to expand the project to another school within the district or to partner with another school district. The lead agent will provide guidance to two additional teachers in replicating the successful grant activities to foster mathematics achievement.


The Math Achievement To Realize Individual Excellence (MATRIX) grant program is 100 percent federally funded under the Elementary and Secondary Education Act (Public Law 107-110; Title II, Part D Enhancing Education Through Technology ( E2T2), CFDA # 84.318.)

Twenty-one awards were made.

No Child Left Behind

This Math Achievement To Realize Individual Excellence (MATRIX) grant program supports the federal government's Enhancing Education Through Technology (E2T2) initiative of the No Child Left Behind Act of 2001 and its five key components, listed below. NCLB challenges each school district with the task of ensuring success for every child, especially in the areas of language arts literacy and mathematics. The five key components are as follows:

  • Improve student academic achievement
  • Increase access by all district personnel to technology particularly in high-need districts
  • Integrate technology effectively into curriculum and instruction
  • Enhance ongoing professional development
  • Support the rigorous evaluation of programs