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Pairing and Sharing Instructional Resources via Teleconferencing

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arrow Abstract from round I
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Funding is $3.2 million from Goals 2000 for 25 grant awards at $125,000. The grant program extends through September 30, 2001.

The program purposes are:

  • to promote the sharing of resources between pairs of school districts; at least one of the partners in each pair must be an economically disadvantaged district;
  • to establish distance learning activities and connectivity that provide students with increased access to resources over distances
  • to share demonstrably effective innovative instructional program for the achievement of the standards; and
  • to support the equitable distribution of teleconferencing capacity, staffing, connectivity and professional development.

It is anticipated that there will be a Round II of sixteen (16) awards with a maximum of $125,000 per award and a total of $2 million for funding. The Notice of Grant Opportunity (NGO) is projected to be released in January 2001.