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Educational Technology

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This information has been preserved for historical purposes. It is not current.


Title II-D: Enhancing Education through Technology of the No Child Left Behind (NCLB) Act requires that all students are technologically literate by the end of grade eight.  Complimenting the federal law, the NJDOE’s Technological Literacy Standards, specifically the 8.1 Computer and Information Literacy Standards, provide standardized criteria for technological literacy across the state.

It is the responsibility of each LEA and Charter School to assess and then document the technology literacy proficiency level of each eighth grade student at the completion of each school year. Districts and Charter Schools will be expected to report the measures on an annual basis. This documentation will be collected and reviewed beginning each school year. Based on this documentation, every district should be prepared to report the following:

  1. The number of students in the fourth grade that are being assessed for technological proficiency.
  2. The number of students in the eighth grade that are technologically proficient.
  3. The number of students enrolled in the eighth grade.
  4. The number of students assessed for technology proficiency.
  5. The number of students not assessed, and why were they not assessed.
  6. The type or name of the tool used for assessing students.

Literacy versus Proficiency

In an effort to facilitate local choice, the Office of Academic Standards, and the Office of Educational and Information Technology have defined technological proficiency as it relates to the 8.1 Computer and Information Literacy Standards.  A rubric has been developed that provides specific expectations for accomplishing proficiency.  Each district may use whatever method or tools they wish to assess students, with the understanding that they must cross reference their student scores with the rubric to determine proficiency.

The Recommendation

In addition, both offices have identified some tools and strategies that can be used to address student technology proficiency. These tools serve as a guide to assist schools in addressing student technology proficiency as defined by NCLB and the NJDOE standards.   The process for using the recommended tools and strategies for assessing 8.1 Computer and Information Literacy is called the New Jersey Technology Assessment for Proficiency and Integration (NJTAP-IN). 

Additional Information

  1. New Jersey Technology Assessment for Proficiency and Integration (NJTAP-IN)
  2. Comparison of 8.1 and 8.2 Technology Literacy Standards

For additional assistance contact the Educational Technology Unit at 609-292-1414.