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WIDA Parent Webinars

WIDA has developed webinars in Spanish and English to empower parents with information about ELL education.  Each webinar in the series is organized around three frequently asked questions by parents. In general, the webinars present three focus questions, discuss each question, and provide a final summary of what was discussed throughout the presentation. We recommend parents and educators watch each presentation in order, beginning with Part I and ending with Part III, as each webinar builds on the previous one.

  • Family Webinar Part I: My child is an English
    Language Learner. What does that mean?
    (English) Site              (Spanish) Site
  • Family Webinar Part II: My child is an
    English Language Learner. How is my child's
    language development supported at school?
    (English) Site              (Spanish) Site
  • Family Webinar Part III: My child is an
    English language learner. How do I know if my
    child is making progress?
    ( English) Site              (Spanish) Site