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New Jersey Core Curriculum Content Standards

May 1996

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Mathematics Standards And Progress Indicators
Standard 4.16:
All Students Will Demonstrate High Levels Of Mathematical Thought Through Experiences Which Extend Beyond Traditional Computation, Algebra, And Geometry

Descriptive Statement: High expectations for all students form a critical part of the learning environment. The belief of teachers, administrators, and parents that a student can and will succeed in mathematics often makes it possible for that student to succeed. Beyond that, this standard calls for a commitment that all students will be continuously challenged and enabled to go as far mathematically as they can.

Cumulative Progress Indicators

By the end of Grade 12, students:


Study a core curriculum containing challenging ideas and tasks, rather than one limited to repetitive, low-level cognitive activities.


Work at rich, open-ended problems which require them to use mathematics in meaningful ways, and which provide them with exciting and interesting mathematical experiences.


Recognize mathematics as integral to the development of all cultures and civilizations, and in particular to that of our own society.


Understand the important role that mathematics plays in their own success, regardless of career.


Interact frequently with parents and other members of their communities, including men and women from a variety of cultural backgrounds, who use mathematics in their daily lives and occupations.


Receive services that help them understand the mathematical skills and concepts necessary to assure success in the core curriculum.


Receive equitable treatment without regard to gender, ethnicity, or predetermined expectations for success.


Learn mathematics in classes which reflect the diversity of the school's total student population.


Be provided with opportunities at all grade levels for further study of mathematics, especially including topics beyond traditional computation, algebra, and geometry.


Be challenged to maximize their mathematical achievements at all grade levels.


Experience a full program of meaningful mathematics so that they can pursue post- secondary education.



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