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New Jersey Student Learning Standards

21st Century Life and Careers

2014 Standards

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  • Career Ready Practices
    These practices outline the skills that all individuals need to have to truly be adaptable, reflective, and proactive in life and careers. These are researched practices that are essential to career readiness. (Career Ready Practices Poster)
  • 9.1 Personal Financial Literacy
    This standard outlines the important fiscal knowledge, habits, and skills that must be mastered in order for students to make informed decisions about personal finance. Financial literacy is an integral component of a student's college and career readiness, enabling students to achieve fulfilling, financially-secure, and successful careers.
  • 9.2 Career Awareness, Exploration, and Preparation
    This standard outlines the importance of being knowledgeable about one's interests and talents, and being well informed about postsecondary and career options, career planning, and career requirements.