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Career & Technical Education: Learning That Works for New Jersey

Career and Technical Education (CTE) Teacher Pathway Initiative

New Jersey is currently facing a shortage of career and technical education (CTE) teachers and is looking to increase the pool of qualified candidates. Recruiting high-quality CTE teachers is vital to filling current and anticipated open positions in high-need industries. The New Jersey Department of Education (NJDOE) received a grant from the United States Department of Education in October 2017 to attract new CTE teachers. The grant allows the NJDOE has developed two programs for prospective CTE teachers: Industry Fellows and CTE Teacher Bridge.

Industry Fellows

The Industry Fellows program invites industry experts to co-teach on a part-time basis with experienced CTE teachers. Over the course of a school year, the industry expert will co-teach for 100 hours. Participants will receive a stipend of $2,500 for the 100 hours of co-teaching and $575 to offset the costs of pre-service training and certificate attainment.

Opportunities exist in the following high-need industries:

Automotive Mechanics
Computer Science Technology
Electrical Trades
Engineering Technology
Health Occupations
Plumbing and Pipefitting
Transportation, Distribution and Logistics

Candidates interested in sharing their expertise and passion for these career pathways should submit a resume or request information by emailing

CTE Teacher Bridge

The CTE Teacher Bridge program helps current general education teachers in subjects such as math or science transition to the role of a CTE teacher. These teachers will participate in industry externships and will be mentored by an experienced CTE teacher.

Industry externship opportunities will help general education teachers acquire the content and skills necessary to prepare students for exciting careers in the following high-need industries:

Computer Science Technology
Engineering Technology
Health Occupations

Beginning summer of 2019, businesses will provide opportunities for teachers to work for 160 hours per summer. The New Jersey Department of Education will pay each teacher a $2,500 stipend per summer for completing these hours.

For More Information:

Please email for additional information.

For additional information about Career and Technical Education in New Jersey, visit the Office of Career Readiness webpage.