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Division of Early Childhood Education

Curriculum & Assessment

Notice: The New Jersey Department of Education, Division of Early Childhood Education is updating its list of reviewed preschool curricula approved for use by state-funded preschool programs.  Interested curriculum developers must attend a mandatory informational webinar on January 13, 2020 at 12:00 p.m.


Curriculum is the entire range of experiences that children have at school. Content objectives and learning outcomes, knowledge of child development and careful observation of the needs and interests of individual children guide curriculum.

There is no one "best" curriculum for all programs. There are many excellent curriculum models that meet the guidelines for developmentally appropriate practice and the DECE's Preschool Teaching and Learning Standards.  The Division supports preschool curricula that meet the following criteria:

  • The curriculum is aligned with the Preschool Teaching and Learning Standards;
  • Methods for inclusion of students with disabilities are provided;
  • The content and teaching strategies are clear, and research-based;
  • The curriculum content is taught with focus and integration;
  • The curriculum relies on child initiation and engagement;
  • All curriculum components are developmentally appropriate; and
  • Show evidence of benefits.

The recommended curricula are:

Curriculum Observation Tools

Daily Schedules

IEP - Review of the Preschool Day Template

Application for NJ Department of Education, Division of Early Childhood Education Curriculum Review

Mandatory Curriculum Webinar for Curriculum Developers
The New Jersey Department of Education, Division of Early Childhood Education will be conducting a mandatory informational webinar open to all curriculum developers who want to submit a comprehensive curriculum for review. The webinar will outline requirements and expectations for submission. Approved curricula will be made available for state-funded preschool programs to select for implementation in early childhood classrooms.

Registration URL:

Webinar ID: 702-968-987

There will not be a live Q&A during the webinar.

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