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School Facilities

Welcome to the Long-Range Facilities Plan (LRFP) Page

Information on future new LRFP reporting system.

Preliminary LRFP Guidelines (PDF PDF) to start the planning process now.

Timeline (PDF PDF) for information concerning when your district's LRFP is required to be updated.

The existing system remains in operation for LRFP amendment submissions until further notice.

Access the 2005 LRFP website

If you are a school district representative and do not have an LRFP website username and/or password, please email If you are a consultant, contact the school district for LRFP website access.

Guidance for Using the Current LRFP Reporting System
Please note that ONLY Internet Explorer (IE) can be used with the LRFP system, and only versions 10 and below are fully supported. If you are getting a blank page with Internet Explorer, then open up a separate generic webpage, go to "Tools", and click "compatibility view". Go to "compatibility view settings" and add "" to the websites, then go to "Internet Options", select the "Advanced" tab, and make sure in the "Accelerated graphics"/"Use software rendering instead of GPU rendering" is checked. Close, reopen IE and try logging into the LRFP system again.

Important Note about Enrollment Projections:
The cohort-survival enrollment projection found on the LRFP website will no longer be updated annually and therefore will no longer be accepted for LRFP approval. Download the Cohort Survival Worksheet - to access a standard cohort-survival enrollment projection template in MS Excel. This template must be completed and submitted as supporting documentation. Enrollments for the selected projection year must be entered into LRFP website. See "Part E: Identifying District Enrollments" of the tutorial posted in the Help section of LRFP website for more detailed instructions.

LRFP Amendment Request Form

General LRFP Information and Approvals

Useful Demographic Information (links to other websites)

Last updated on:  October 9, 2014