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School Facilities

Project Application

  • Educational Specifications Guidelines (PDF PDF)
    Project application V 2.4.9 (last update – 03.10.17) - PLEASE NOTE: RIGHT CLICK the files and download to your computer before opening. DO NOT open files directly from the website!
  • Project Application Directions for version 2.4 (and future versions) - updated 01/29/2016 (PDF PDF)
  • Project Application Version (2.7c.03.12.2019) (MS Excel XP .xls Spreadsheet) - Use this file if you have MS Office 2003 or earlier version.
  • Project Application Version (2.7db.03.12.2019) (MS Excel 2007 .xlsb Spreadsheet) - Use this file if you have MS Office 2007 or above.

    Before downloading Project Application V 2.4+, PLEASE read Project Application Directions for V 2.4+ above, as changes have been made regarding submission. Please save the Project Application to your local Drive.

    Note: If a project application has been submitted to the Department using a project application version earlier than 2.3, AND a PEC has been issued for that project, you may continue using that version, otherwise, version 2.4.8 MUST be utilized.

    All requests for project numbers MUST utilize Project Application V 2.4.8+ - indicate the County/District in the "Subject" line of your email.

Email questions or comments to

Electronic application submissions must be updated when the hard copy submission is sent and they must match the paper copy, as the review is based on the ELECTRONIC SUBMISSION.