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School Facilities

Comprehensive Maintenance Plan Documents





1. Structural Foundations Routine inspection for cracks, deterioration, infiltration. Localized repair of cracks and spalling with cement caulk, grout or epoxy sealant, waterproofing, parging. Repair large scale cracks or settling, major repairs/replacement. Hire Structural Engineer.
2. Superstructure


Visual inspection. Repair damaged fireproofing, rust removal and repainting. Major structural repair, fire protection upgrade.

Hire Structural Engineer

3. Exterior Closures - Walls Visual inspection, cleaning. Localized repairs, pointing, water- proofing, painting, replacement of individual steel lintels. System-wide repairs, pointing, or replacement of lintels, resurfacing.


4. Exterior Closures – Windows & Glazed Walls Visual and physical inspections, cleaning. Repairs/localized replacements of frames, sash, caulk, balancing, localized reglazing; individual unit replacement, etc. Major repairs/replacements of system in building or section, install storm throughout.
5. Exterior Closures- Doors & Frames


Inspect hardware, lubricate closers and hardware. Repair/replace individual hardware, doors, frames; repair glazing , recaulking, leveling adjustments, general operations. Complete exterior door replacement to bring up to Code.
6. Exterior Closures- Roofs


Debris removal, inspections, check for water stains, ponding, or leaks. Routine inspections. Clear roof drains, gutters. Seasonal programmed inspection, localized repairs of roofing/flashing materials to maintain warranty. System replacement on building or section.
7. Interior Construction- Partitions Cleaning, visual inspections for chipping, cracks, flaking, etc Prepare and paint walls, patch plaster or drywall, lubricate moveable partitions. Demolition of interior walls for renovations, expansions, etc., install new system
8. Interior Construction- Interior Doors Inspect hardware, lubricate closures and hardware. Repair/replace hardware, leveling adjustments, general operations. Complete system replacement.
9. Interior Construction- Stair Construction Visual inspections, cleaning, maintain clear egress. Check and replace individual treads, repair railings and floorboards Replace treads, pour new step pans, replace nosings, replace or add railings.
10. Interior Construction- Stair Finishes Cleaning. Localized repair , repainting. Replacement of vinyl treads.
11. Interior Construction – Wall finishes Cleaning. Repainting, localized repair/replacement of ceramic tile sections; vinyl base/trim, etc. Replacement of interior finishes (except painting).
12. Interior Construction – Floor finishes Cleaning and waxing. Localized repair/replacement of floor tiles; Localized repair/replacement, refinishing of gym floors. Replace floor finish in building or wing (VCT, carpet, etc), including hazmat abatement.
13. Interior construction – ceiling finishes Wash/dust/vacuum. Paint, patch plaster and textured finish; Localized repair or replacement of individual ceiling tiles. Remove/replace/install new ceiling suspension system, and tiles throughout building/section.
14. Vertical Movement – Elevators, lifts Cleaning. Inspect/adjust/repair motor, door operation, relays, flooring, lights. Contract maintenance. Replace elevator system - controls, lift rails.
15. Domestic cold water distribution – piping/materials Check for leaks, repair insulation. Inspect/repair/replace/service valves, seals, joints, water softener, filters, booster, pumps, etc Replace entire piping system, water softener system, or new water supply.
16. Domestic Hot Water Supply – Water Heater, Tank Storage, or Converter Inspect for leaks. Adjust thermostat. Drain/flush tanks, heater, repair thermostats, gauges, valves, controls, etc. Repair insulation. Replace hot water piping, replace storage tank, water heater.
17. Plumbing fixtures Clean/sanitize sinks, toilets, faucets and handles, lavatories, urinals. Unclog fixture drains. Repair/replace seals, valves, fixtures and piping, water fountains/ coolers, lab and cooking gas piping/fixtures/controls, etc. Repair or localized replacement of toilet accessories and partitions. Replace or install new fixtures throughout a building (or section).
18. Sanitary Piping – materials and equipment Visual inspection, unclog drains. Chemical treatment of disposal fields, repair/local replacement of sanitary piping, inspect and service sewage ejection or other pumps, clean grease traps, pump septic tanks. New disposal fields, replace or install new sanitary piping throughout building (or section). New/replace tie-in to public sewer system.
19. Storm Water Riser Piping – Material Clean leaves/debris from roof drain inlets, gutters, leaders, detention/retention ponds, control structures and storm grates. Replace broken or missing gutters, downspouts, leaf guards, maintenance of detention/retention basin, etc. Replace entire roof drainage interior or exterior system or upgrade site storm water system.
20. Heating system – Boiler (Electric, Gas, Oil) Inspect system. Repair piping or insulation. Repair or replace boiler components including thermostats, valves, seals, burner, etc. Perform annual/seasonal cleaning, draining, service/inspection. Replace boiler, associated piping, removal of underground storage tanks, install new above-grade fuel storage tank with containment, or new natural gas supply.
21. Cooling systems Inspect system. Clean or vacuum return air grills. Chemical water treatment, clean supply/return ductwork, coils, repair/replace thermostats, valves, fans and motors, etc. Replace filters. Perform annual service/inspection. Replace cooling tower and/or chiller, roof top unit, install new unit ventilators/window A/Cs for entire building (or section). Replace or install supply/return ductwork.
22. Heating/Cooling Systems Inspect system. Clean or vacuum return air grills. Clean supply/return ductwork, repair/replace thermostats, valves, fans and motors, etc. Replace filters. Perform annual service/inspection. Replace roof top unit, heat exchanger, air handler. Replace or install supply/return ductwork. .
23. Exhaust Ventilation – Toilet Exhaust Fans, Kitchen Exhaust Fans/Hoods, Lab Exhaust Inspect systems. Vacuum/clean exhaust grills/louvers. Replace grills, louvers, fan covers, Service system – motors, belts, blades, lubrication, etc. Annual certification of hoods. Replace kitchen hoods/ductwork; replace bank of Exhaust Fans/ductwork.
24. Control System – Pneumatic, Electronic, DDC Inspect system. Annual service/inspection. Repair or replace components, piping, controllers, wiring. Replace/install entire system.
25. Fire Sprinkler System – Wet or Dry Inspect system. Check that nothing is blocking sprinkler heads or hanging from piping. Annual service and inspection. Test flow and tamper switches, replace broken sprinkler heads, repair or replace valves, fire dept connection, gauges, etc. Install sprinkler system. Install fire pump. Any upgrades to meet Code requirements, including new supply.
26. Standpipe & Hose Systems – Wet or Dry Inspect system – check for hose in cabinet. Exercise zone valves. Repair or replace defective valves, hoses, etc. Install/replace standpipe system.
27. Building Service Inspect system. Replace fuses or reset breakers. Maintain access. Replace defective breakers in high or low voltage side of transformer. Annual testing. Run new ground. Replace building service to transformer. Replace main transformer (High Voltage).
28. Branch Panels Inspect. Maintain access. Replace individual breakers or panels. Wire devices from panel or panel to point of service. Rewire entire branch panel system back to low voltage side of transformer.
29. Interior Lighting Clean diffusers/lenses, replace bulbs, battery packs. Localized repair or replacement of switches, fixtures lenses, etc. Replace/upgrade fixtures throughout.
30. Exterior Lighting Check lights, change bulbs, replace cracked lenses. Replace fixtures, day/night individual sensors, damaged light pole, etc. Add day/night capability to entire network of lights; replace/install new exterior lighting system.
31. Exit Signs Visual inspections, bulb an/or battery replacement. Repairs due to breakage/ vandalism or replacement Replace/install exit signs or power packs, or installation of retrofit kits to convert all signs to LED in a building or building section
32. Power & Outlets Visual inspections, new plates or covers for power switches or outlets New convenience use power outlets, new miscellaneous power outlets, repair or replacement of interior parts (wall switches, wall outlets, exclusive of covers) New installation or replacement of all switches or outlets in a building or building section for health or safety needs or code upgrades
33. Communication & Security Systems Visual inspection, cleaning. Annual testing, service and inspection, replace broken components or devices. Replacement or installation of security system device for any building or building section
34. Special Systems /

Hard-Wired Central Systems such as Fire Alarms, Fire Control, Clock, Closed Circuit TV, Data Ports, Central Video, Telephone

Visual inspection, cleaning, bulb or battery replacement. Annual testing, service and inspection; repair/replace individual components. Replacement or installation of a complete system for any building or building section
35. Emergency Power / Generators & Fuel Tanks & Lines Visual inspection of, bulb or battery replacement for, cleaning or tagging Annual testing, service and inspection, repair/replace components; new or replaced fuel lines, tank containment or wiring New or replaced generator, fuel tank and fuel lines, and/or any spill remediation or HAZMAT abatement work
36. Site Improvements such as Parking, Driveways, Walkways, Directional Signage, landscaping, bicycle racks, site signage, irrigation systems or other site improvements Visual inspections, snowplowing, lawn or garden care, including maintenance care of trees, shrubs or any other plantings; repair, replacement or painting of any non-security or other non-safety-related fencing/gates, ;coating or recoating, painting or repainting of any impervious parking, driveway or walkway area Repair, replacement or painting of any security or safety-related fencing/gates, repair or replacement of uneven or cracked walkways, driveways and/or parking areas. New walkways, driveways, curbs and/or parking areas or extensive improvements to same; replacement of an entire driveway, including any associated parking areas, curbs, walkways, due to end of useful life of those surfaces; new or replaced security or safety-related fencing due to end of useful life of those items.
37. Athletic Facilities and playgrounds. Visual inspection, cleaning, lawn/ artificial lawn maintenance and care; Replacement or repair of localized equipment required to implement the Core Curriculum Content Standards, Inspection and repair of playground equipment. Provide permanent equipment required to implement the Core Curriculum Content Standards; new equipment or systems or repaired equipment or systems as may be required to meet US Consumer Product Safety Commission guidelines, or other required health / safety and/or ADA upgrades.
38. Fixed Furnishings Visual inspection, cleaning. Localized repairs, refinishing. Installation or replacement fixed furnishings in a building or building section.
39. ADA [Features and/or] Upgrades Visual inspection or cleaning of these components, which may be also be included under other systems such as "Site Improvements," "Floors," "Lifts," etc. Replacement or repair of non-skid stair or other required non-skid surfaces, or handles, railings, lifts, elevators, ramps, equipment or features, etc. as may be necessary for pupil, employee or visitor ADA accessibility use. Any new installation or new feature necessary to provide appropriate, required ADA accessibility for any location needed to implement the Core Curriculum Content Standards, including pupil, employee or visitor accessibility to those areas
40. Miscellaneous Building Code [Features] and/or Upgrades, including those supporting BOCA and Fire Codes Visual inspection or cleaning of these components, which may be also be included under other systems such as "Emergency Power," "Special Systems," "Security Systems," etc. Localized repair/replacement of features necessary for pupil, employee or visitor health & safety, etc. Any new installation or new feature necessary to meet code requirements.