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Mathematics (K-12)

REVISED Model Curriculum – June 2014

The model curriculum is intended as a tool to support districts in their own curricular planning.  During its development, teams of educators used all available information about the Common Core State Standards and PARCC to appropriately organize and sequence the standards across five units.

Since the model curriculum's original development, PARCC has released the Evidence Tables for grades 3 through Algebra II (  The evidence tables indicate which evidence statements and standards will be assessed on the Performance Based Assessment (PBA) occurring at approximately 75% of the school year and which will be tested on the End of Year (EOY) assessment.

In response to this release, the model curriculum underwent a revision to ensure that standards occurring on the PBA were addressed in the first four units of the curriculum.  While the Student Learning Objectives (SLOs) have moved from one unit to another, in almost all instances the language of the SLO remains the same.  Not all grades were affected by this revision; the list below indicates which grades were and were not revised.

In addition, a suggested modified assessment schedule is included.  The major change to the assessment schedule is a shortening of the testing/review window from two weeks to one week.

The original versions of the model curriculum will remain posted to support districts in the transition; in addition, the assessments are being modified to align with the model curriculum revisions and will be posted during the summer months.

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We look forward to your review and feedback on the mathematics model curriculum aligned to the Common Core State Standards (CCSS). It will be helpful to the reader to be familiar with the Common Core State Standards for Mathematics document ( as well as the Partnership for Assessment of Readiness for College and Careers (PARCC) Model Content Frameworks ( Both documents outline the prioritization of content that was used in developing the five units of study for each grade level and course.

The model curriculum is not intended to provide daily learning objectives but rather a sequence of five units of study with accompanying assessments. Student learning objectives (SLOs), clarified by assessments, provide clear targets from which to plan daily instruction.

To address the major standards of the grade that could not be taught to mastery in six weeks, the standard is broken down into smaller, measurable student learning objectives that appear in more than one unit. We want all units to be teachable and learnable within a six-week period.

In kindergarten through 8th grade, the CCSS is organized into domains that appear in one or more grade level – only the Geometry domain appears in all grades from kindergarten through 8th grade. The secondary units comprise the traditional pathway of Algebra I, Geometry, and Algebra II.

The eight Mathematical Practices are embedded within the SLOs as students problem solve, model, reason with quantities, and justify answers with viable arguments. As the model curriculum evolves, additional support for integrating the practices into classroom instruction will be included.

At the start of each document, you will find a brief overview to the grade level or course intended to provide additional context for how the units are organized. Again, we look forward to your feedback—both positive and constructive.

Course Overviews (Standards Into Units)

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