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Grade 6 Overview

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The unit design was created in line with the areas of focus for grade 6 Mathematics as identified by the Common Core State Standards and the PARCC Model Content Frameworks. Each unit is comprised of standards that are considered major content along with standards identified as supporting and/or additional content.  The three fluency standards for grade 6 are presented in unit one; unit one will assess student’s ability to accurately solve problems. However, the expectation is that the students will have many opportunities to develop fluency, defined as speed and accuracy, in the areas of multi-digit division and operations on decimals using the standard algorithms throughout the school year. The Common Core State Standards do not specify the number of digits for grade 6 division of whole numbers or operations on decimals however for NJ’s Model Curriculum we are defining multi-digit division as a six-digit number by a three-digit number and operations on decimals to include decimals to the thousandths place.

Unit 1 builds on the students’ understanding of number system concepts from previous grades to extend to division of a fraction by a fraction, operations with decimals, and multi-digit division.

Unit 2 employs the students’ understanding of the concepts involving integers in unit 1 to understand and apply rational number concepts. The standards from the Geometry and Statistics and Probability domains are included as a means of providing real world contexts.

The standards included in units 3 and 4 were strategically placed for their impact on ratios and proportional reasoning which is found in unit 5.

Grade 6 will end with unit 5, Ratio and Proportions. This important sixth grade unit comes at the end of the year since the content will have a great amount of influence on one of the major topics in grade 7, analyzing proportional relationships.

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