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Grade 8 Overview

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The unit design was created in line with the areas of focus for grade 8 Mathematics as identified by the Common Core State Standards and the PARCC Model Content Frameworks.  Grade 8 Mathematics will move the students from the concepts developed in grades 6 and 7, modeling relationships with variables and equations and ratio and proportional reasoning, to making connections between proportional relationships, lines, and linear equations. The idea of a function introduced in grade 8 is a precursor to concepts about functions that are included in the high school standards. Each unit is comprised of standards that are considered major content along with standards that include supporting and/or additional content.

The concepts presented in unit 1 establish the groundwork for work with equations of lines.

Unit 2 brings in the notion of irrational numbers which the students may encounter in their work with functions, expressions and equations which follow in units 3 and 4.  Work in units 3 and 4 deepen students’ understanding of algebraic concepts and provide foundational skills necessary for the standards presented in the high school mathematics courses.

Unit 5 will bring together the understanding of concepts that involve radicals and integer exponents with the Pythagorean Theorem.

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