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Algebra I Overview

View unit yearlong overview here

Many of the concepts presented in Algebra I are progressions of the concepts that were started in grades 6 through 8; the content presented in this course is intended to extend and deepen the previous understandings.

Unit 1 begins with setting the stage for work with expressions and equations through understanding quantities and the relationships between them.   The work in unit 2 will build on the grade 8 concepts for linear and exponential relationships. Success in unit 2 will lay the groundwork for later units where the students will extend this knowledge to quadratic and exponential functions.

The standards included in unit 3 blend the conceptual understandings of expressions and equations with procedural fluency and problem solving. The students will not encounter solutions of quadratic equations that are complex.

The standards presented in unit 4 involve functions and extending the concepts of integer exponents to concepts of rational exponents. The understandings will be applied to other types of equations in future courses.  Unit 5 will build on previous work with descriptive statistics. Linear models will be used to assess how a model fits data.
Specific modeling standards appear throughout the high school standards indicated by a star symbol (★). (Identified from COMMON CORE STATE STANDARDS for Mathematics pg. 73).

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