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Algebra II Overview

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Building on the understanding of linear, quadratic and exponential functions from Algebra I, this course will extend function concepts to include polynomial, rational, and radical functions. The standards in this course continue the work of modeling situations and solving equations.

Unit 1 standards will focus on the similarities of arithmetic with rational numbers and the arithmetic with rational expressions.  The work in unit 2 will extend student's algebra knowledge of linear and exponential functions to include polynomial, rational, radical, and absolute value functions.

The standards included in unit 3 builds on the students' previous knowledge of functions, trigonometric ratios and circles in geometry to extend trigonometry to model periodic phenomena. The work of unit 4 will explore the effects of transformations on graphs of functions and will include identifying an appropriate model for a given situation. The standards require development of models more complex than those of previous courses.

The standards in Unit 5 will relate the visual displays and summary statistics learned in prior courses to different types of data and to probability distributions. Samples, surveys, experiments and simulations will be used as methods to collect data.

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