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Grade 6-8 Unit Overview

Physical Education Overview for the Model Curriculum Units

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The grades 6-8 Physical Education Units are a cohesive set of five units that will scaffold instruction from one grade level to the next.  The units have been developed as building blocks of skills and concepts that will move instruction from one unit to the next.  All units are made up of a blended set of standards and cumulative progress indicators that fully encapsulate the major ideas and themes behind the unit.  The incorporation of different standards through major, supporting and additional concepts provide a greater opportunity for comprehensive Physical Education instruction in each unit.    The units  progress from wellness education (fitness concepts and activities) to developing and applying movement education skills in isolated and applied situations in various activities such as individual skill development, team activities and strategies and cooperative activities.

Unit I Wellness

Unit II Movement Education/ Rhythm

Unit III Cooperative Games

Unit IV Individual Activities

Unit V Team Activities