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Novice-Mid K-5 Overview

The recursive nature of second language instruction requires that most Cumulative Progress Indicators be addressed in many contexts and in multiple units throughout a proficiency level.
Although the Novice-Mid World Languages units for grades K-5 address the same themes as the Novice-Mid World Languages units for 6-12, the Student Learning Objectives focus primarily on addressing listening and speaking through the modes of communication.  As elementary world languages classes typically have less contact time than secondary classes, each Novice-Mid Unit for K-5 has been broken up into two, six week units.

The Novice-Mid World Languages units for K-5 are as follows:

Unit 1 A:  All About Me
Unit 1 B:  All About Me
Unit 2 A:  School Days
Unit 2 B:  School Days
Unit 3 A:  Home, Sweet Home
Unit 3 B:  Home, Sweet Home
Unit 4 A:  Food, Glorious Food
Unit 4 B:  Food, Glorious Food
Unit 5 A:  Celebrations!  
Unit 5 B:  Celebrations!  
Unit 6 A:  Migratory Animals
Unit 6 B:  Migratory Animals
Unit 7 A:  Going Green
Unit 7 B:  Going Green