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New Jersey Adult Education


These reports contain total numbers of individuals taking high school equivalency testing by test center. The data allows the user to find information on New Jersey passing rates, number of diplomas issued, and comparisons on pass rates among the various tests.

Key to Columns in Test Center Data

  • Unique Candidate Sequence ID:
    • First Letter H - HiSET
    • First Letter P  - GED
    • First Letter T  - TASC
  • Exam Series - sub-test taken - sub-tests are:
    • Wri = Writing;
    • Soc = Social Studies;
    • Sci = Science;
    • RLA = Reading;
    • Mat = Math
  • Exam Date - date sub-test taken
  • Exam Quarter - quarter sub-test taken
  • Exam Score:
    • GED Scores are between 0-300; 150 passing;
    • HiSET Scores are between 0-20; 9 is passing;
    • TASC scores are between 0-800; 500 is passing
  • Test Language in New jersey is limited to English or Spanish.
  • Pass/Fail - refers to sub-tests
  • Diploma Date - When all sub-tests are passed the date diploma issued
  • Test Center Code - ID code for test centers provided by test vendor
  • Test Center Name - Name NJ DOE has for the test center

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