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Keeping Our Students Safe, Healthy & In School

New Jersey School Climate Survey

Important Notice for 2021-2022 School Year: The Department encourages schools interested in utilizing a school climate survey to consider using the NJ School Climate Improvement (NJ SCI) Survey, a new and enhanced, comprehensive instrument developed in collaboration with the Rutgers’ School Climate Transformation Project team.  The new NJ SCI Survey will not only help schools to understand school climate needs and strengths from the perspectives of students, families, and staff, but will also provide insight into a school community’s relationships, safety, sense of connectedness, teaching and learning, and measures of an equitable and supportive learning environment, including supports for social and emotional learning.

Schools electing to use the NJ SCI Survey will also have access to a newly developed, online platform that will facilitate data collection and analysis. Please visit the NJ SCI website for additional information.

Note: The 2014 New Jersey School Climate Survey is currently available, however it may not be available after June 2022.


Background and Description

In 2012 the New Jersey Department of Education (NJDOE), in collaboration with the Bloustein Center for Survey Research (Bloustein) at Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey, developed and disseminated the New Jersey School Climate Survey (NJSCS) and supportive materials.  In an effort to validate the tool, the NJDOE worked with Bloustein to conduct a validity/reliability study.  As a result of the validity/reliability study, there are improvements to the NJSCS including enhanced domains as well as an online option.  A summary of the NJSCS validity/reliability study can be found at

Many districts have been using the NJSCS to assist in reinforcing positive conditions and addressing vulnerabilities for learning. The latest version offers new features to fit each school's needs including paper and online survey options as well as a more convenient data paste tool.

2014 New Jersey School Climate Survey

The revised NJSCS includes four validated questionnaires to support local school climate and culture improvement activities, as an integral part of their continuous efforts to improve student's educations and prevent at–risk student behavior.  Schools are encouraged to but not required to use the NJSCS tools.   There is no mechanism for reporting survey data to the state.  The NJSCS materials are provided as a service to help schools understand and improve local safe and supportive conditions for learning.

Survey Materials

Schools may choose from two different survey options when conducting the 2014 NJSCS.  A more detailed explanation may be found in the Survey Administration Guide version 2.0.  Unlimited copies may be made of the survey materials.  While the NJSCS materials are in the public domain, under no circumstances may the materials be changed and the revised materials attributed the NJDOE in any way.

All NJSCS materials are provided below:

2012 School Climate Survey Materials

* If your school, conducted the 2012 NJSCS and is interested in converting the data for easier comparison to the 2014 NJSCS version 2.0 please contact the Office of Student Support Services at

Note:  If you should have additional questions please contact the Office of Student Support Services at