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Technology Fellowship: Mentoring & Modeling

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Tech Fellow Project Abstracts

Donna Armstrong Donna Armstrong
Clearview Regional High School District (7th & 8th grade computer teacher)

WebQuests are used to create interesting web based learning activities. By creating WebQuests, Donna believes that teachers can focus on their curriculum and the Core Curriculum Content Standards. She will develop workshops to enable educators to design their own WebQuests. All finished projects will be shared online.

Neal Dickstein Neal Dickstein
East Windsor Regional School District (5th grade teacher)

Using Tripod, a web site design program, teachers will create home pages and curriculum based web pages. Some teachers will then proceed to the next level of the project where they also create multimedia presentations using PowerPoint or Hyperstudio. Teachers will then instruct their individual classes on how to navigate through the World Wide Web and familiarize their students with their grade level web sites. Neal will then visit each classroom to teach the teachers and the students how to use Microsoft PowerPoint or Hyperstudio to create classroom projects.

Neal will then link to the teachers' web pages through his web site,

Lori Ebanietti Lori Ebanietti
Mahwah School District (2nd grade teacher)

Lori will design, develop, and implement WebQuests and train other teachers on how to create their own. By designing WebQuests that incorporate the Core Curriculum Content Standards as well as districts' specific curriculum objectives, teachers will be able to meet the needs of all students. With the use of WebQuests, teachers will create teaching tools that are up-to-date, meaningful and designed to meet specific objectives.

Sharon Faith Sharon Faith
Southern Regional School District (High School Marketing and Computer teacher)

A web-based unit on E-commerce will enable students to experience current trends in marketing and the world of work. The Internet will be used to research successful and unsuccessful marketing strategies and e-mail will be used for communication between the teachers involved in this project. Students will interact with their peers in other schools via web-conferencing. The culminating project will involve a problem-solving activity whereby groups of students create an Internet Company.

Shawn Fitzpatrick Shawn Fitzpatrick
Burlington Township School District (4th grade Math and Science teacher)

Shawn created his own web site called the Online Classroom for his students and their families. This web site allows for his students to view images of their activities from class, prepare for future assessments and check daily assignments. Parents use this web site as a communication tool to confirm upcoming events and homework assignments. Shawn's goal for this project is to use Online Classroom as a skeleton to give teachers (throughout the district) a jump-start to their own web sites.

Cathy Grimaldi Cathy Grimaldi
Old Bridge Township School District (High School English teacher)

Cathy will create an interactive educational web site for high school language arts called Pop Up Literature. In a take-off of MTV's popular program Pop-Up Videos, this project will guide students using graphics, sound, and video excerpts through an interactive study of the characters, symbolism, themes and background material of a popular work of literature. The project will be published on line and workshops will be offered to teachers to demonstrate the web site as a model for literature projects.

Barry Haines Barry Haines
Mendham borough School District (4th - 8th grade Technology and Computers teacher)

Barry’s project will be for students to work independently, and collaboratively with diverse populations both within the classroom, school and beyond - across school, state, national, and international boundaries. Using HyperStudio or PowerPoint, middle school students will Model and Mentor multimedia presentations using templates developed for interdisciplinary projects - including non-English languages. They will then mentor third or fourth grade students to create their own and share them collaboratively through the Internet.

Suzanne LeBeau Suzanne LeBeau
Long Branch School District (5th grade teacher)

Students and teachers participating in the project, ABC's of Multimedia, will learn basic and/or advanced skills of multimedia authoring software and become familiar with other multimedia tools such as digital cameras and scanners. Classroom teachers will use multimedia to help students develop problem solving and higher-order thinking skills. This project will help teachers come to the realization that multimedia activities can make very effective connections across all core curriculum content areas, spanning a variety of grade and ability levels as well.

Barbara Lohse Barbara Lohse
Allamuchy School District (PreK - 8th grade Technology and Computers teacher)

Barbara will research, design, and compile strategies, classroom activities, and extended resources for teachers in a one-computer classroom. Attention will focus on distance learning activities. The identified resources will address the needs and meet specific core curriculum content standards for each grade level and content area PreK-8. This compilation will be published on a web site.

Maryanne O'Brien Maryanne O'Brien
West Milford Township School District (5th grade teacher)

All Hands on Deck: A Portable Keyboard Primer is a district -wide project, in which the elementary staff will receive in-service, introductory training in the use of portable keyboards in their classrooms. Maryanne's project will be to use Alpha-Smart keyboards and adapt them as portable computers. This project will be shared with her colleagues within the building and throughout the district. As a result of widening keyboarding use in the classroom, teachers will discover improvement in the content and quality of their students' writing.

Christine Osei-TuTu Christine Osei-TuTu
Millville Public Schools (Middle School Distance Learning teacher)

Christine’s project will assist teachers in using classroom applications and two-way video conferencing in the classroom by web publishing assignments and projects for students and parents. Using her online class web site, "Exploring South Jersey Wetlands", teachers and students will explore South Jersey Wetlands, migratory shore birds behavior and its effect on the horseshoe crab population along the Delaware Bay. Students will take virtual field trips to A.J. Meerwald, Liberty Science Center, Cape May Zoo, and The Stone Harbor Wetlands Institute. Students will collaborate in creating a culminating project. Teachers will publish their projects on the school web site.

Doreen Roksvaag Doreen Roksvaag
Delaware Township School District (K-8th grade Computer teacher)

New Jersey is often referred to as the "Crossroads of the American Revolution." This is because during the course of the war, thousands of troops marched through the state and fought on its soil. In this learning activity, students in grades three through five will search our libraries and Internet resources for relevant information to help them gain a better understanding of what it was like to live in New Jersey during the Colonial and Revolutionary War periods. They may visit historic sites in New Jersey via virtual field trips and by actually going to some of our nearby preserved sites. With this information, students will collaborate and use a variety of media to present their findings effectively. Choices for presentation may include: developing a multimedia project using HyperStudio or PowerPoint, creating a digital video movie, a Web page, or publishing a newspaper incorporating news stories, editorials, comics, ads, interviews, and more.

Susan Ross Susan Ross
Middle Township School District (6th grade Computer teacher)

The focus of Susan's project will be web page creation. Susan will develop a series of workshops to teach teachers to create their own web pages that focus on their specific curriculum. Using the elements of good web design, teachers will use Macromedia’s Dreamweaver to create their web pages. In addition, they will learn to create hotlists and scavenger hunts. After completion of these workshops, teachers will have created their own web pages that enhance their curriculum and help their students achieve the Core Curriculum Content Standards. Susan will also help to enhance her district web site as well as other schools’ web sites.

Scott Rubin Scott Rubin
Elizabeth School District (PreK-5th grade Technology teacher)

Middle school students will work in cooperative groups in order to produce a news program entitled, That's News to Me. Students will explore concepts that focus on the news. In addition, students will research articles, conduct interviews, and apply the writing process as they use Mini-Webquests, Word, and PowerPoint to create their own news programs. Finally, the presentations will be recorded using a camcorder and then edited for release of That's News to Me!

Carol Sprague Carol Sprague
Sussex County Technical School (9th-12th grade Special Education teacher)

The intent of Carol's project is to develop technology based projects that support Core Curriculum Content Standards for math, science, social studies, and language arts and will provide educational technology modules specifically for use by In-Class Support classrooms. This project will provide teachers with simple, classroom-tested modules that they can use to address study skill deficiencies. The finished modules will be burned on a CD so that after training, teachers will leave with a CD that will in effect be a turnkey technology program.

Steven Verger Steven Verger
Warren Township School District (6th grade Science teacher)

Steve will focus on two projects for teachers: collaborative projects and the use of real-time data. By working with real-time data, students can become involved in science in a way that takes them beyond the textbook-based lessons. Steve will also develop a web page that would offer teachers turnkey, Internet-based projects that incorporate the use of real-time data and/or collaboration with students from all over the world. These projects also lend to helping teachers deal with the typical scenario of the one computer/one connection classroom.

Diane Viehweg Diane Viehweg
Stratford School District (7th and 8th grade Math teacher)

Diane will design and implement a web site called Project TOP (Teachers Using Outstanding Practices). This web site will showcase the latest and most useful tools and ideas such as a Teacher Honor Roll, outstanding lessons and links to exemplary educational sites. Professional development workshops will be designed for teachers to incorporate technology as an intricate part of their instructional programs. Support will be provided through direct instruction, Internet, and personal contact.

Rodney West Rodney West
Orange School District (5th grade Language Arts, Math and Social Studies teacher)

Rodney's My Community: Past, Present, and Future project is directed at strengthening and evolving the sense of identification that educators and learners have with their communities. Puppetry will be used to develop writing skills and convey messages through playwriting experiences for the youngest and even more mature students, all of whom can transform what they discover about their community into theater. Using computer applications to create documents and communicate electronically; accessing databases for analysis/comparison and electronic resources for research; and developing strategies for problem solving, critical and creative thinking are all integrated into the project's instructional process. The culmination of Rodney's project will be a web page, a PowerPoint and print publication as well as play performances that dramatize the more significant results of the research done by the educators and learners.

Kathleen D. Willson Kathleen D. Willson
Greater Egg Harbor Regional High School District (10th, 11th, 12th grade Algebra 2, Pre-Calculus, HSPT- skills and Integrated Math 3)

For Kathleen’s project, she hopes to reach teachers in their classrooms and homes with a project called the Virtual Institute. This project will help teachers to use higher-level technologies as tools to integrate the Core Curriculum Content Standards into their curriculum. The Virtual Institute will be online workshops for teachers that will allow them to access online instruction with technology on their own time. These workshops will include lessons such as Introduction to WebQuests; Geometers Sketchpad; TI-InterActive!; Integrating Technology in Math and Science; Integrating Technology in Language Arts; Distance Learning Overview, Concept Mapping with Inspiration, and Video Editing. Teachers will be able to access these workshops on the Atlantic County ETTC’s web site so they can model and integrate technology into their curriculum.