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Educational Technology

Safe and Ethical Use of Computers

The High Technology Crimes and Interactive Services Protection Act was designed "to protect New Jersey residents from cyber-criminals who prey on the public via interactive computer networks, such as the Internet, and other high technology systems."

In accordance with the safe and ethical use of computers law, this web site offers information to school districts to assist them in their actions to protect students from dangers posed by inappropriate use of interactive technology systems such as the Internet. On this site is current information on the issue of filtering information by using commercial software versus making students responsible for appropriate use of interactive technology through clear acceptable use policies. Also available are the language of the law and many examples of Acceptable Use Policies (AUPs) developed by other school districts.

Whether your district has already debated the issues involved with protecting students or your district is in the process of doing so, this web site can be a valuable resource. If your district has not yet begun the process, it might be helpful to utilize the following steps:

  • Become thoroughly acquainted with the requirements of the law.
  • Research the issues involved in assuring the safe, ethical use of computers for students.
  • Educate the board, administration, teachers, parents, and students about the issues and solicit feedback.
  • Define the local process for developing a method of protecting students that is acceptable to your district and community.
  • Adopt and implement your locally-developed solution.

The NJ Department of Education plans to continually update these resources as more become available.