New Jersey Department of Education

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Ed. Tech.

edConnect New Jersey
NJ's Instructional Improvement System

In 2014, the New Jersey Department of Education launched an Instructional Improvement System called edConnectNJ. edConnectNJ is a tool that that supports data-driven education by integrating assessment, data management, instructional support resources, and curriculum and planning.

A new testing platform known as TestNav was recently launched on the site.  edConnect districts are now formatively assessing students in the same high-stakes test tunnel as PARCC. It is a welcomed and valuable tool for practice and preparation.

In June 2016, accommodations were added to the site to further address personal testing needs. Accommodations such as color contrast, answer masking, magnifiers and extra testing time can now be enabled for individual students. In December 2016, a text to speech accommodation will be launched, as well as a new tech-enhanced item type titled Gap Match. Gap Match is a graphical interaction that presents a set of defined gaps (hotspots) within a chart or graphic.

One of the key focuses continues to be on refinement with both the state and LEAs working together to add New Jersey Student Learning Standards (NJ SLS)-aligned content, such as items, assessments, lesson plans, and resources that can be shared across the platform with all participants.

Please contact your building or district edConnectNJ lead for assistance with content or for technical help.