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edConnect New Jersey
NJ's Instructional Improvement System

About edConnect NJ - Detailed Features

Assessment Administration Module Features:

  • Includes powerful tools to implement assessment programs, measure progress and propel student performance
    • edConnect NJ provides benchmark and formative assessment tools that let districts implement a consolidated assessment program and prepare for the new assessment options aligned to the Common Core State Standards.
    • Traditionally, it has taken too long to get assessment results back, making the data largely unusable. Not with the edConnect NJ. Educators can create, administer, and manage a variety of classroom, school, and district-wide assessment initiatives and have immediate access to actionable data to make real-time adjustments in instruction where needed.
    • edConnect NJ provides maximum flexibility for creating and administering assessments using any combination of off-the-shelf scan forms, plain paper scan forms, or online testing. Content management tools let you upload existing assessment content from a wide range of vendors or create new items and tests, align the assessments to standards, and then manage the assessments over time to continually grow and refine content.
Assessments Module