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edConnect New Jersey
NJ's Instructional Improvement System

NJ SLS Item Sets Available for edConnect and non-edConnect Users

Since the release of the curricular frameworks, many districts have inquired about the availability of assessments aligned to them. While the state is not releasing a formal set of assessments, four releases of item sets will occur in the fall 2016. Similar to the curricular frameworks, the purpose of the released item sets is to support districts in the development of ongoing formative assessment, which is a core part of the teaching and learning cycle. The organization of the NJ Student Learning Standards in the curricular frameworks did guide the grouping of the released item sets.

District educators are encouraged to use the items/sets as a resource, incorporating them into assessment work at the classroom/school/district levels, and modifying them to reflect district standards sequencing. This resource, as it exists, is not intended to be used as benchmark, summative, or high-stakes assessment, but rather incorporated into everyday instructional planning.

Each grade release consists of two parts:

  • Computer-scored: approximately a 12-question set that contains item types that can be automatically scored if used in an assessment platform such as edConnect or another platform the district may utilize.
  • Teacher-scored: in English language arts (ELA), this release contains the writing prompt, and in math, this release contains the performance tasks. These items all need to be scored by the teacher.

Released item sets with supporting information can be found here:

This site contains links to the edConnect test IDs which are presented in a PARCC-like format, with the use of tech-enhanced items.

Paper/pencil versions of the sets are posted to the site for districts utilizing other assessment delivery tools. These versions have had their tech-enhanced items modified to support paper/pencil delivery.

Item Release Maps have been created to give educators a quick glance as to what is contained in each released set, standard alignment, answer keys, item types, etc.

Rubrics for the performance-based tasks and writing tasks have also been shared.