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Ed. Tech.

edConnect New Jersey
NJ's Instructional Improvement System

Current and Upcoming Features

Some Exciting New Features Coming to edConnectNJ

Two-part task item types will now display on the same page vertically, as they do on PARCC


Test booklets can now be generated for assessments with tech-enhanced items


TestNav 8 Equation Editor is available for student assessment and teacher authoring


Curricular Framework documents loaded to edConnect


NJ SLS will be loaded and tagged to all existing CCSS material

Work to be completed over the course of 2016-17

Text to speech testing accommodation available in English and Spanish

Winter 2016

New item type: Gap Match

Winter 2016

Ability to align items to multiple standards within a unique standard set

Winter 2016

New teacher report targeting student growth by standard (no longer driven by a unique test instance)

Winter 2016

Current data available on edConnectNJ:

  • Student demographics: attendance, chronic absence, suspension rates, sub-group percentages (ELL, special education, migrant, gifted/talented, etc.);
  • School/district formative benchmark/classroom data (SAT, PSAT, ACT, AP, ACCESS, literacy data: DRA, F&P, etc.)
  • State summative data (PARCC, NJ ASK Science, NJ BCT)

Current resources available on edConnectNJ:

  • A growing assessment bank, with nearly 70,000 items available
  • Retired model curriculum formative unit assessments for K-12 math and ELA
  • NJ Educator Resource Exchange ( resources (lesson plans, activities, PD, assessment items and forms)
  • Access to all commonly used standard sets: NJ SLS, CCSS, NJ CCCS, Standard 8 (Ed Tech), Standard 9 (CTE), AP, ISTE, NGSS/NJ SLS, WIDA

Have a good open source resource you'd like to see on edConnect? Email us and we'll do our best to assist,

Administrators and central district staff who use edConnectNJ are able to do the following:

  • Enter and schedule curriculum;
  • Review and comment on posted lesson plans;
  • Enter district benchmark exams for delivery and reporting through a dynamic online tool;
  • Triangulate state summative data, district/school level formative data and student demographic data to create focused professional learning communities;
  • Analyze classroom, grade, subject and school- or district-level reports;
  • Share district assessments/item banks with other districts ; and
  • Share school-level materials and items across schools in the district.

Teachers who use edConnectNJ are able to do the following:

  • Enter and schedule curriculum;
  • Create and submit lesson plans for approval;
  • Access the available item and material banks for use with their students;
  • Enter materials, resources, items and assessments for use with their classrooms;
  • Analyze classroom-level and school-level reports, depending on district permission decisions;
  • Co-author and share assessments with other teachers; and
  • Record student-level information, parent conference notes, and intervention information, and store IEP documents, etc.