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Title I Part A Neglected Allocation

School districts in proximity to facilities for students categorized under the federal definition of "neglect" are eligible for an additional allocation under Title I Part A—the "neglect set-aside." Students who are resident in locally-run facilities of this type generate additional dollars for the LEA's in which they are located, since their residents may attend school in the LEA on a temporary or ongoing basis.

The additional allocation should be considered as part of your Title I Part A funding for planning and budgeting purposes, and be used along with the rest of the program funds for services to eligible students in the district schools, under the Title I Part A guidelines.

Federal law mandates that students resident in locally-run neglect facilities that attend school in districts where their facilities are located must be provided with the same services as any other Title-I eligible student. LEA's may opt to partner with neglect facilities in their borders in order to offer special programs in the facility or district-wide, however, this is not a requirement under the federal law.

Please contact the Office of Student Support Services at (609)633-1752 if there are questions about neglect facility funding or services.