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Teaching In Delaware

Delaware offers a wide array of teacher certification programs.   Below, you will find information regarding Delaware and various colleges and universities in the state.

ARTC Project, Alternative Routes to Certification
Under the Delaware ARTC project, individuals with college degrees that include at least 30 credits in selected secondary school subjects may be hired by a public school district or charter school and complete certification requirements during the first two to three years of teaching -- through a state-approved program of classes and seminars accompanied by intensive school-based mentoring and supervision, and passing required Praxis examinations.   Also, the Delaware Transition to Teaching Partnership identifies a small number of talented candidates with a strong background in English, science, math or technology to transition to teaching in a federally funded program that provides scholarships for required courses, coaching support throughout the first year of teaching, and intensive workshops both during the summer before teaching and throughout the first year.    For more information regarding the above, as well as potential options in Special Education and ESL in Delaware, please visit this site:

For more information about this program, click here:

Colleges and Universities in Delaware

The Delaware State Department of Education
For information about how to apply for teacher certification in Delaware, professional education standards, school district statistics, etc., please visit click here:

Delaware Joining Forces Community
For more information about educational options in Delaware, as well as community assistance  and local service programs, please visit the following website: