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March 4, 2001

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Editor's Note: GPU Energy customers who are without electric service are urged to call the GPU Energy 24-Hour Emergency Line at 1-800-545-7738 to report power outages.

READING - GPU Energy continues to institute emergency steps to prepare for the impending winter storm. By daybreak, four "mobile offices" will be set up and staffed. These offices have emergency telephone lines and satellite telephone links. Employees staffing the mobile offices will dispatch crews and serve as liaisons to restoration headquarters in Reading, Pennsylvania and Morristown, New Jersey.

The company has also loaded four emergency "storm trailers" with materials used in restoration efforts. These storm trailers will be set up in the Northern New Jersey service area and in Northeastern Pennsylvania.

All available GPU Energy crews will be dispatched to affected areas, as needed. In addition, approximately 70 crews from Ohio are en route to GPU Energy service areas in Pennsylvania and New Jersey to assist with restoration efforts. GPU Energy is also beginning to move contractor crews from western Pennsylvania to New Jersey.

Currently, there are no weather-related outages affecting GPU Energy customers.
More than 24 inches of snow is expected in many areas across Pennsylvania and New Jersey. The company's Central New Jersey service area will experience periods of torrential rain and high winds that may result in coastal flooding.

Sustained winds of 30-to 50- miles per hour are expected on Monday. Gusts could reach upwards of 70 miles per hour.

GPU Energy is providing the following cold weather and winter storm tips for customers who may experience interruptions to their electric service during the course of the storm:

  • Customers on an electrical life support system should make sure a backup power source is available and functioning.
  • Keep a gallon of water per person aside for drinking.
  • If your water is supplied by an electric pump, your holding tank or water heater is your sole water source. These tanks can provide clear water after initial sediment is flushed out. This water may also be used to flush toilets.
  • Use fireplaces and portable heaters with extreme care. Keep children away from all heat sources.
  • Keep spare candles, flashlights and lanterns in a central location.
  • Keep refrigerator and freezer doors closed as much as possible.
  • During the day, open window shades and draperies on the sunny side of the house.
  • Close off rooms that are not being used.
  • Wear several layers of loose?fitting clothing or wrap yourself in blankets. Remember to keep your head covered.
  • Portable generators should not be directly connected to your household electrical system. Instead, plug appliances directly into the generator. A generator that is not properly installed could cause power to flow back into GPU Energy lines, endangering customers or workers repairing those lines.

GPU Energy will continue to provide updates throughout the winter storm emergency.