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Jaypeg Does the Cape May Lighthouse Windows

Zeero Runs the Lighthouse

Sandy Hook Lighthouse
August 2002

Built in 1764, Sandy Hook Lighthouse is the nation’s oldest lighthouse. It was one of the 12 lighthouses built before the American Revolution. New Yorkers originally financed Sandy Hook. The New York merchants needed a lighthouse after losing a lot of money from shipwrecks. Two lottery drawings in New York City paid for the construction. A new tax on ships coming in paid for the upkeep.

During the American Revolution, American and English troops both wanted control of the lighthouse. The New York Congress heard that British ships were going to land on the coast. The congressmen sent a man to remove the lamps and equipment from the Sandy Hook lighthouse. They hoped this would keep the British from landing because they couldn’t see. But the British sent a landing party to relight the lighthouse.

The Americans tried to destroy the tower by firing cannons at it, but they did little damage. The British controlled it during the Revolution. It served as a safe place for British loyalists.

Sandy Hook Lighthouse photo

Sandy Hook was the first lighthouse in America to use an incandescent lamp.

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